Altitude Simulation and Athletic Performance

Live High, Train Low. Through a combination of sleeping in normobaric hypoxia every night and moderately working out in this environment 2-3 times per week, athletes can boost performance to otherwise unachievable levels. The human body is genetically geared to adaptRead more

Injury Prevention / 3D Motion Analysis

What is 3D Motion Analysis? 3DMA is a measurement and analysis tool which can provide key additional information and insight to coaches, scouts, medical staff and strength and conditioning personnel. It enhances traditional evaluations involving effective physical screens and medicalRead more

Concussion Management

What is a concussion? Concussion is a traumatic brain injury resulting in a disturbance of brain function. There are many symptoms of concussion, common ones being headache, dizziness, memory disturbance or balance problems. Loss of consciousness, being knocked out, occurs inRead more

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