About Us

Who we are

Our Analysis Centre and Sports clinics are based in Mississauga (Canada) and recently in Paris (France). For many years we have specialized in training and physical preparation of athletes of all levels.
Since October 2013, Optimum Sport Performance has developed a concept dedicated to improve physical (3D evaluation and Altitude Simulation Program) and Mental (decision making, improved concentration, comeback, ..) performances of any Athlete.

Since November 2014, we are also specializing in concussions diagnostic and rehabilitation. Each program is individualized based on a full and complete assessment (baseline) performed by each athlete.
Our concept is to create a <Physico-Cognitive> passport which will allow the medical staff, conditioning trainers and coaches to track each athlete. Using all these data through the season will allow the staff, in real time, to evaluate the physical and cognitive status of each of these athletes. You will be able to know if the athlete is, either back to the level he was before his injury, or if he is fit to undertake a specific preparation for a particular objective/goal.

This concept is implemented by international leading experts in their own domain such as field of neurology, biomechanics, altitude simulation training, cognitive performance and nutrition.


Our intervention with your team is to optimized sport performance (physical and mental) and prevent muscle injuries. Optimizing the performance is to try to reach the limits of an individual taking into account the context of the specificities of the athlete himself and his objective/goals.

In the evaluation of athletic performance the fundamental differentiation for elite performers is more than just strength and speed. Elite performers move differently. They move with greater ease and efficiency using less effort and energy to produce the same or greater power in movement. Motion is patterned through and programmed within the nervous system. It is these ingrained movement patterns that sequence muscles and joints together to complete a given task/movement such as accelerating on skates from a dead stop, shooting a puck or moving in different directions on skates.

The scientific term for movement patterns in human motion is biomechanics. It is biomechanics that sets elite athletes apart from others and this is what we are testing with 3D Motion Analysis. We analyze speed, acceleration and more importantly “how you do it”. How does your nervous system coordinate your muscles and joints to move your body.

Yet optimization should be seen as a more complex process that precisely involves knowledge of all the factors necessary to reach performance, starting with the athlete himself. Knowledge of the sport involves control testing procedures but also rely on knowledge from physiology, psychology, sociology and biomechanics. Finally, knowledge of training principles allows planning of training sessions.

The optimization of athlete’s performance requires multiple skills and knowledge from different areas, mostly from the coach, physical trainer, sometimes even the medical staff and the athlete himself.

In conclusion, we want to give coaches, physical trainers and medical staff information necessary to either prevent and reduce the risk of injury (or recurrence) or optimize the performance. As an actor you can individualize daily training and recovery of each of your athletes by adopting training methods with specific goals. The benefits will be enormous both at the level of athlete’s performance and team performance by limiting the number of days of inactivity of each of your players, which will have a direct effect to the team’s revenues.