Injury Prevention / 3D Motion Analysis

What is 3D Motion Analysis?

3DMA is a measurement and analysis tool which can provide key additional information and insight to coaches, scouts, medical staff and strength and conditioning personnel. It enhances traditional evaluations involving effective physical screens and medical testing.

The primary focus of 3DMA in relation to soccer involves an objective measurement of the Biomechanics of Running

the ability of the athlete to efficiently create explosive power while stabilizing and moving their centre of mass in Logo Physical performancemultiple directions. A baseline evaluation of each player allows for the development of a plan to enhance their running ability, minimize injury risk and/or re-establish effective running/gait mechanics after an injury occurs while preventing compensatory injuries.

3DMA technology is revolutionary in its application to soccer, but the technology itself is well established in sports science and human motion research. Answer these questions:

  • What is it worth to an organization to reduce the number of man-games lost to injury by both reducing the injury risk for the players and ensuring injured players return faster to their pre-injury status?
  • What is it worth to an organization to improve the ability to evaluate one prospect over another?
  • What is it worth to an organization to gain an edge in the player development by enhancing the current strength and conditioning programs?

3DMA is worth the investment. The risks are minimal – the rewards could be great.

The difference between success and failure is a very fine line. 3DMA will be a difference-maker.